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Children in Alabama Struggling with Poverty

Alabama is currently facing an epidemic of poverty affecting children in communities throughout the state. The most current statistics show that nearly one in four children under age 18 belong to a family living below the poverty line, and deal regularly with problems like hunger or homelessness.

We here at Patrick Drake Associates are happy and hopeful to announce our pledge to provide relief and immediate assistance to children in the area struggling with chronic poverty.

Emergency Assistance for Decatur-Huntsville Area Children

As Regional Ambassadors in the #AgentsofChange network, our all-star team here at Patrick Drake Associates is committed to working for improved outcomes for children in our community. During our ongoing campaign, our focus and efforts will be on supporting local food banks and emergency shelters to ensure children in our area have warm meals and beds, as well as supporting a series of educational initiatives to help reverse the cycles of poverty affecting families in our area.

Thousands of children in the Hartselle community alone need assistance, and we can’t reach them all without your help.

Here’s How You Can Help

All we ask is that you invite your friends or family members into Patrick Drake Associates for a free insurance consultation. While here, we can offer them more information on our relief campaign to provide for local children. To express our gratitude, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local poverty relief program or agency for each person you recommend to our office.

Please Join Us

This campaign gives you a chance to make a real difference in the lives of children right here in the Hartselle community. Please join us, together we can provide relief to the children in our area who need it most.


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Patrick Drake Associates

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